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Alliana Heymann

made in Europe

Alliana is born and has grown up in Germany where she had her A-Levels. She started her law studies in Germany and moved living to Paris, thanks to the European exchange program ERASMUS. A first specialization in Private International and European law at CEDIN at the Paris X/Nanterre university let her get a scholarship for her Phd on  « The judge of the Community trademark» what she realized in cooperation with the University of Geneva. Indeed, for personal reasons, Alliana moved  living near to Lake Geneva after having finished he second specialization at CUERPI at Pierre-Mendès France university in Grenoble. At that time, she also swore her oath, following the Professional Lawyer’s Certificate, first in Lyon and then in Paris.

After a first professional experience in a small lawyer’s office in Geneva with Me Hrant Hovagemyan, she tried her luck in a in-house legal service of a luxury group before getting back in a lawyer’s office and then an Intellectual Property boutique firm, the last for 5 years at SEDIN SA. It has been almost 15 years that Alliana is in Switzerland and she had time to develop close contacts with the IFPI examiners as well as in the world of IP law in French speaking Switzerland.

Alliana is member of AROPI, APRAM and GRUR and follows INTA, ECTA and MARQUES events.