The client is the king… we will provide you the legal framework for realizing your dreams and projects

We listen to our clients and their needs and privilege global and efficient solutions. We are surrounded by an extensive network in Switzerland and around the world. For Switzerland, in the fields we are not active in (like filing of patents or tax questions) and for the rest of the world, in order to offer the best available service all over the world, beyond the borders, observing local legal rules and conditions.


That is what everybody knows:  it’s the name of a company or the product that will allow anybody to recognize a service or the origin of a product… in a certain way the DNA of your activity/activities..


It is  in a way the image or the  shape of your products here we propose also a complete management in order to protect and maintain your protections alive...

Non-registered IP rights

(except exemptions like in the US)
linked to a person or an art-work: copyright, image rights, personality rights, sports right, art-law, etc.

New technologies

Domain names,
data protection,


We give legal feedback on inventions and deal with the non technical projects like contracts, etc…, for the applications in their selves...

Other legal competencies

We are also active in other legal domains, especially contracts,  but also mediation and arbitration